Retail Manager - Sooke Location


Job Title:

Thrift Store Retail Manager


Reports to:

Executive Director



Retail Team


Hourly Wage:

$18.86-$19.59 plus benefits


Level of Authority:

Supervises staff and volunteers



Organization Overview

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul of Vancouver Island has been supporting people in need on Vancouver Island since 1916, and we celebrated our 100th anniversary on September 27th, 2016. Focused on impacting the lives of people affected by poverty, the Society offers emergency relief services while maintaining a focus and commitment to addressing the root causes that contribute to poverty in our communities. The Society currently provides 128 units of supportive and affordable housing, including the additional 42 units that came online in September 2016 with the opening of Rosalie’s Village in Saanich. Saint Vincent de Paul provides a wide range of community supports through the Social Concern Program including a food bank, home visit program, education, training, and emergency rent/utility payments. Through the Ozanam Centre, the Society operates a community integration program for persons with developmental disabilities, helping people achieve a higher quality of life. Believing in sustainable development, the Society operates 4 thrift stores that contribute to both financial sustainability and the provision of clothing and household items to those in need. More than 200 people make up the Society membership, supported by more than 300 volunteers and 75 staff.


Position Overview 

Manages at one of the Society’s locations within the store system. In accordance with the policies and procedures of the Society, the Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the location, including personnel, facilities management, and administration and WorkSafeBC Management responsibilities.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Retail & Product Management

  • Subject to availability and quality of merchandise, operate a profitable location in a competitive market.
  • Supervise pricing for consistency, accuracy, and realistic expectation.
  • Ensure stock rotation through scheduled culling.
  • Manage inventory to keep a constant flow of new goods.
  • Assist in evaluating operations of the location on an ongoing basis to make sure they meet the needs of the Society.
  • Liaise with other retail managers to achieve the store system objectives of the Society.
  • Decide on sales and promotions.
  • Address seasonal stock marketing requirements in a timely fashion: clearance of goods, movement of racks, signage, and replacement by new season’s goods.
  • Merchandise specialty occasions, e.g. Halloween, Christmas, etc.
  • Follow basic retail practices by maximizing square footage profitability.
  • Ensure adequate quantities of and/or place orders for stock
  • Review store layout, departmentalization, and product placement within each department – on a continuous basis.
  • Monitor store signage for accuracy, neatness, and conformity to Society guidelines.
  • Create decorative store displays to attract customers’ attention and promote sales.
  • Arrange with driver for delivery of furniture purchased at store
  • Repair and test donated goods whenever possible, e.g. TVs, stereos, lamps, etc.
  • Responsible for the sorting, processing, and preparing of donated goods for sale, either through hands-on work or in a supervisory capacity.
  • Organize either a volunteer or contracted worker/company to remove all dumping and/or garbage from the site.
  • Arrange for recycling of culled clothing and hard goods, and their removal from the premises in a timely manner.



  • Ensure proper operation of cash register(s) and that cash handling procedures are followed.
  • Count and balance till(s) daily; prepare accurate float for the next day of operation.
  • Reconcile media slips to POS batch total each day.
  • Record “Z” report data into computer daily.
  • Prepare and deliver bank deposits on a timely basis.
  • Maintain adequate supply of coins and bills for change at the till(s).
  • Keep track of Petty Cash expenditures, receipts, and cash on a regular basis.
  • Secure all funds in the safe or other approved location.
  • Address discrepancies immediately by thorough and detailed examination of the day’s activities.
  • Advise the Director of Finance and Administration, at the earliest opportunity, of any difficulty resolving discrepancies.
  • Ensure all daily till tapes, paperwork, and deposit receipts are kept together until sending to Administration at month end, along with monthly till tape.
  • Submit tallied and balanced Petty Cash receipts for reimbursement from Administration.
  • Submit one (for the location) Travel Mileage claim for reimbursement, as needed, and reimburse all parties who incurred expenses.
  • Accept donations of money from the public and issue a temporary receipt if requested; forward donor information to Administration. Deposit all donations separately from location sales revenue. Photocopy donation bank deposit slips for location records.
  • Advise the Executive Director of revenue projections from sales.
  • Compile and tabulate statistical data as required.
  • Keep files of historical data.
  • Consult with the Director of Finance and Administration in preparing annual sales and expense budget.
  • Review the monthly statement of Revenue and Expenses; address discrepancies or unexplained variances by contacting the Director of Finance and Administration.
  • Monitor expenses and adjust as needed to remain within budget, e.g. reduce staffing if mandated by declining sales and/or donations.
  • Monitor location’s sales to recognize and adjust to trends.



  • Attend and participate with others at Managers’ meetings.
  • Ensure adequate quantities of and place orders for office and store supplies.
  • Be familiar with the Social Concern Office voucher system and administer according to procedures.
  • Maintain a file of templates of necessary forms, e.g. Daily Sales Deposits, Staff Time Sheets, Supply Order List, and Volunteer Time Sheet.
  • Ensure all computer systems are backed up weekly to prevent loss, and make sure they are used for business only.
  • Maintain and implement a succession plan at the location to allow for sickness or long-term absence of any employee.
  • Consult with Property Management to ensure police and/or Alarm Company updated with key holder names and phone numbers.
  • Write a yearly report on the location for the Society’s Annual Report.
  • Enter and balance Social Concern Office vouchers on a regular basis. At month end, ring in “Z” report on till, separate Home Visitor vouchers and discounts and send to Social Concern Office. Send remaining vouchers to Administration with the monthly total.


Customer Service

  • Promote the works of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in a positive and beneficial manner.
  • Serve the public and know how to handle with tact and respect any customer who may be difficult and lack understanding.
  • Address and follow-up on customer complaints, request, needs, and suggestions.
  • Deal with shoplifting incidents without jeopardizing personal safety or the Society.
  • Reinforce decisions to refuse goods when donors are combative or angry.
  • Use good judgment in altering a price in circumstances where a goodwill gesture is called for.
  • Explain and guide customers through the voucher procedure.
  • Exercise discretion in transactions with voucher customers to preserve their anonymity.
  • Use your own discretion on behalf of those in need, whenever an immediate response is required and no other resources are available.


Human Resources

  • Hiring:
    • Discuss location’s staffing needs with the Executive Director.
    • Request a posting of the position to be filled.
    • In consultation with the Executive Director review Résumés and short-list applicants.
    • In consultation with the Executive Director Schedule and conduct interviews.
    • Check references of candidate(s) being considered.
    • Call all those interviewed with decision made.
    • Schedule new employee and process Employee Package forms, including Criminal Record Check. Send all completed paperwork to Administration.
    • Ensure employee receives an orientation for the position including WorkSafeBC requirements.
    • Explain the Society’s Mission Statement of “Faith, Hope, and Love” to the new employee.


  • Provide orientation to the premises, introduction to all staff, volunteers and clients.
  • Train the new employee to perform duties of their Job Description.
  • Monitor the new employee’s progress and correct mistakes.
  • After the three-month probationary period, conduct an employee review, draw up a letter confirming status of employee, and send copies to designated people.
  • Attend to injuries on the premises, complete WCB forms, and forward them to Administration at the earliest opportunity. Advise the Retail Program Manager, if warranted.
  • Record and submit daily Time Sheets and advise Administration of changes to employee information.
  • Record Volunteer and Client hours daily.
  • Recognize skills and interests of staff/volunteers to place them in the right job, to develop their potential, and to build up their self-esteem.
  • Invite input from staff and volunteers on any aspect of operations; discuss with them feasibility of their ideas and suggestions.
  • Address personnel problem situations as they arise and arbitrate disputes; try to correct conflict and follow-up to ensure resolution. Refer any unresolved issues to Retail Program Manager.
  • When disciplinary action is required, give verbal notification and maintain a record of the meeting in the employee’s file.
  • Keep accurate documentation of all personnel issues.
  • Write appraisals and conduct appraisal interviews.
  • Write letters of reference, as requested.
  • Volunteers: recruit, train, supervise, co-ordinate.
  • Organize recognition of personnel and team.
  • Organize special celebrations.
  • Conduct and document regular staff meetings.
  • Attend to safety issues immediately, including maintaining regulation First Aid kit.
  • Ensure there is a complete WCB-approved First Aid kit at the location.
  • Conduct regular Fire Drills with staff and volunteers.
  • Schedule “Exit” interviews and/or have person leaving fill out an “Exit” form.
  • Liaise with staff and clients of Ozanam program as required (if a participant is volunteering in the store).


Facilities Maintenance

  • Attend to all janitorial requirements. Receive approval from Property Manager if contracts are involved.
  • With approval of the Property Manager carry out a preventative maintenance program.
  • In consultation with the Property Manager organize minor repairs.
  • Refer to Property Manager any other needed repairs or maintenance, such as painting.
  • Check safety and security of equipment and arrange for replacement if defective. Report unsafe or faulty equipment to the Property Manager immediately.
  • Respond to Alarm company calls after hours.
  • Ensure records, files, and documentation about buildings, equipment, and vehicles under responsibility area are complete and in accordance with the Society’s policies and procedures requirements.
  • Manage outside storage/display areas to optimize usage.



WorkSafe BC Employee Responsibility

  • Ensure the health and safety of all workers under your direct supervision.
  • Know the WorkSafeBC requirements that apply to the work under your supervision and make sure those requirements are met.
  • Ensure workers under your supervision are aware of all known hazards.
  • Ensure workers under your supervision have the appropriate personal protective equipment, which is being used properly, regularly inspected, and maintained.


Required Qualifications

  • Minimum Grade 12 education
  • 3 -5 years of management experience preferred
  • This position requires travel to and from the administration office and other retail locations in the Capital Regional District a minimum of 1 to 2 times per month. 
  • Participation in the WorkSafeBC Health and Safety Committee (meetings at administration office)
  • Proficient with Office Programs and E-mail applications
  • Prior experience in the Retail Field
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent command of written and oral English.
  • An understanding of the philosophy of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.
  • Good physical health and be able to lift heavy items.
  • Able to work with mentally-challenged adults.
  • Ministry of Justice Vulnerable Sector Clearance Letter
  • Knowledge and understanding of the WorkSafeBC requirements for a retail outlet

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to no later than 4 pm on April 22, 2019.


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