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Rosalie's Village

Rosalie’s Village is an affordable rental housing building for people who have low-to-moderate income. It is owned and operated by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Vancouver Island. Centrally located on a ten-acre property in West Saanich. This building has one- and two-bedroom units available.

Rosalie’s Village includes a 17-unit Second Stage Transitional Housing Program for single mothers with young children, 3 emergency transitional shelter units for families experiencing homelessness, in addition to the unsupported housing for single women who need a lower end of market rent. Onsite there is also Mary’s Place daycare which provides licensed child care for 37 children infant to 5 years old. All buildings at Rosalie’s Village are non-smoking.

Second Stage Transitional Housing Program for Single Women and Children

As a transitional housing program, we are members of the BC Society of Transition Houses (  Our transitional program was developed to assist women who are making a transition in their life and need stable housing during this process.  Women typically stay in our program for two years but can if needed stay in the program for up to five to work on life goals that will help them to develop their emotional and financial capacity to securely attach to housing and a stronger financial future for themselves and their children. 

As part of the Rosalie’s Village Transitional Housing Program we provide an on-site Housing Support Worker available seven hours per day to assist women within the program to assess, identify and pursue their life goals.  Our housing support worker also provides safety planning and referrals and referral support to community resources.

In addition, the program at Rosalie’s Village offers:

  • Priority spaces in our onsite childcare for children aged 6 months- five years
  • Onsite community gardens
  • Onsite food security programs including:  community kitchen and garden programs
  • A community meeting space with craft and sewing area

Ongoing programing-based on community need, for example:  a writing group, parenting workshops, art therapy, etc.

Program participants can be actively involved in building their community development skills and contributing to the program’s improvement through monthly community meetings and community committees.

Rents for program units are set at affordable market rates. A two-bedroom apartments rents for $1096 monthly. And to qualify women must prove the rent is covered by 30 % of their income to ensure affordability and that the housing is sustainable.  Initially, it is often the case that a small subsidy is required from either a community or government agency  or the Society in order to ensure affordability. 

Application Process:

  1. Forward your email and expression of interest to be notified when units within Rosalie’s Transitional Program become available.
  2. Complete and forward the application when you receive it.
  3. Applications are reviewed by Society of Saint Vincent de Paul and scored based on the eligibility criteria prioritized below.
  4. If your application is successful, the next step is an interview with program staff to assess suitability and to verify income and a reference review.

Eligibility Prioritized by:

  • Current housing situation, priority is given to women who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness
  • Existing supports in place and the duration-both formal and informal (friends, family support)
  • Suitability including: identified goals that align with program goals, experience both living independently and communally.
  • Other considerations include: family reunification (women can move into housing as part of a MCFD family reunification plan), leaving abuse and need for trauma informed support, need for daycare.  We also consider indigeneity and as priority.
  • Income to pay the low end of market rent of $1096 (average)

How to Apply:

Applications for Transitional Housing Units are forwarded to those who have expressed interest in our program when an opening becomes available.  If someone is interested in Rosalie’s Village, they can express their interest, they can forward their email to:

Transitional Emergency Shelter Program for Families

To address urgent housing need in the community the Society of Saint  Vincent de Paul has allocated three units in Rosalie’s Village as Emergency Transitional Shelter.  Our Shelter Program supports families experiencing a homelessness crisis and in immediate need of shelter.  We provide short term, up to 30 days shelter for a family in immediate housing crisis. 

How to Apply

To access our Emergency Shelter Units families must first be connected to a Housing Outreach Worker through either:  Burnside Gorge Community Services, the Cridge Outreach Support, Victoria Native Friendship Centre.  We only accept referrals from these housing outreach programs at this time and  do not accept direct referrals from families or other supports such as transition house workers, MCFD workers, etc. for these units due to limited staffing resources.    All enquiries for these units must be done through the identified housing outreach programs. These units tend to be in high demand and occupancy is prioritized in consultation with housing outreach services in the community. 

We recommend that families in need contact the links below as a first step to get assistance if they are in a housing emergency. 

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