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Advocacy and Social Justice

The Society is concerned not only with alleviating need but also with identifying the unjust structures that cause it.  It it, therefore, committed to identifying the root causes of poverty and to contributing to their elimination.  In all its charitable actions there should be a search for justice; in its struggle for justice, the Society must keep in mind the demands of charity.  

The Society's vision goes beyond the immediate future, looking towards sustainable development and the protection of the environment for the benfit of future generations.

The distinctive approach of members of Saint Vincent de Paul is to see them from the perspective of those we visit who suffer from injustice.

The Society helps the poor and disadvantaged speak for themselves.  When they cannot, the Society must speak on behalf of those who are ignored.

The Society works not only with individuals in need but also with families and communities.  It can help an excluded or deprived local community to develop a sense of responsiblity and solidarity which leads it to improve its economic, social and environmental wel-being, always retaining the personal contact of members with those in need.

The Society does not identify with any political party and in its advocacy focus on the principles of serving those in need according to the mission, vision and values of the Society. 

The Society is a member of Greater Victoria Acting Together (GVAT). 

More information about GVAT can be found at

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