Persons in Need

Persons in need designates men, women and children who, either as individuals or as families, are encountering difficulties in their lives. This may include:

  • the homeless,
  • immigrants and refugees,
  • inmates and their families,
  • those with no source of income,
  • those searching for employment,
  • seniors and those on fixed incomes,
  • those living alone with few resources,
  • those suffering physically or mentally,
  • those who are going through a strike or a lockout,
  • those abused physically, sexually, or psychologically,
  • the working poor who have problems making ends meet,
  • those enrolled in governmental financial assistance programs,
  • those who have a problem of dependency on drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc.2

2This list is open ended and not limited to the groups of people mentioned. See also Appendix 5.11 for details concerning places to visit those in need and for referrals.

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