What is Twinning?

Twinning is a sharing of our Society’s prayers, contact, and resources with conferences and councils in need. It is a Work of the Society, one of fraternal union and sharing among Vincentians within our country and worldwide.

The purpose of Twinning

Twinning allows us to serve God’s will and to fulfil our own spiritual yearning to serve those in need as the body of Christ. lt enables us to make a difference to our twinned brothers and sisters and fulfils our mutual needs, through the sharing of prayers, contact, and our mutual resources. Twinning also builds connections and solidarity with an international family and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas about local works.

Historical Background

Though the concept of mutual assistance dates back to the beginning of the Society in 1844, twinning as a formal program was not officially launched by the International Council General (ICG) until 1954. In 1979, twinning was reinforced at the international level when the Plenary Meeting of the ICG declared that, "all monies collected in the name of the Society anywhere belong, in principle, to the poor of the world."

Canada began developing its twinning process in the 1990s with the establishment of National and Regional Twinning chairpersons and a workshop at the Annual General Assembly (AGA). Since then, twinning procedures have been established and clarified, and twinning as a practice has been eagerly promoted. The establishment and promotion of Twinning Projects will be the next progressive step for twinning in Canada.

Where do we Twin?

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul twins all across the globe, including: Sri Lanka, Peru, Colombia, and India! For more information:

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